AM/FM Stereo Cassette Player with Beh…

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Gayle So thankful you had this product for my 81 year old mother in law!!! She listens to her cassettes all day long . Her player broke , NO STORES CARRY CASSETTE PLAYERS!! So thankful you had online... I have a happy mom in law!!!

Kelly Giordano This is a nice little unit, other than the fact that there is no reverse function for cassettes. If you are using it for music that probably isn't a concern, however it is a problem for audiobooks.

To get back to the point where you want to begin from you need to (1)Remove the cassette and flip it over, (2)Hit Fast Forward, make a guess, and Stop, (3)Remove the cassette and flip it over, (4)Hit Play and hope for the best. If you still haven't found your place, keep repeating the four steps until you do.

vic I sent it back for refund.

not2smart "george k" I sent it back for refund.

XNYC First it took perhaps ten minutes to force -- yes, force -- the batteries into the compartment. These were standard Duracell AA cells, not some off-brand, so I doubt there was a size problem inherent in the batteries, but rather a manufacturing issue with the recorder. Then I played a pre-recorded cassette. The motor ran at about 50% higher speed than it is supposed to, which made it totally impossible to listen to a recording. Overall impression: it's not even worth the ten bucks. I'm returning it tomorrow.

Doreen G. Seeing that this was the 3rd one I have purchased over a 2 year period??The packaging disposed of long ago..go figure. Anyway the player after awhile has trouble playing the tapes..slow then fast..weird. And several times I put brand new batteries in and still the garble sound would appear. I tell ya. I know cassettes are out, but I play audio book tapes at night to fall asleep by, my roomates snoring is horrible! But frankly, after writing this lengthy review I think its time to convert to CD's.

Marcia D. Literally bought this at my local target a few hours ago [...] I put in my pre-recorded tape and the quality was awful! It sounded like a mouse going 100 miles a minute. I was completely shocked considering it's supposed to be brand new. I thought there might have been a "speed" button that was on but there was nothing. The radio doesn't even work. All I got was static. Definitely returning this tomorrow! Do not waste your money.

N. Melchiorre "Nanse" As I am an ardent radio buff, I purchased this until a SANGEAN I had ordered, arrived.

What a piece of absolute trash, which leads me to conclude in all probability,any other Jensen product would be too!

Horrible sound, horrible reception, horrible EVERYTHING!

True, it's a cheap radio, but even at that, FREE would be too expensive!!

Spunky See previous comments.

rak playing back language broadcasts


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AM/FM Stereo Cassette Player with Beh…

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