JLab GO Wireless Bluetooth Headphones…

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Takboy I was a bit hesitant to purchase these headphones as they were my first bluetooth set. I use them with my Blackberry Curve 8330 and I can attest to their sound quality being that I am an audiophile. The base is deep enough and the highs are crystal clear--no muffled audio here. You can easily skip, FF, rewind, and replay songs using the headset and you will know when a call comes in as well as voice dial. The range is about 30 feet. Note that when the headset is in use for your phone, the caller will only be heard in mono in the left ear as the headphones are stereo. No big deal there though.

dfeder1 I use these headphones at work to listen to itunes via Bluetooth, When I get a call on my cell, the music stops and the call comes through to the headphones. The headphones are very clear with the music and the phone, They are much better then I originally thought. Would definitely recommend, Great product.

Charlie1000 The sound was awesome on the headphones, but after wearing them for just a few minutes my ears hurt. The band that connects the two earphones isn't flexible at all so it isn't adjustable to my head/ears.


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JLab GO Wireless Bluetooth Headphones…

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