Yurbuds Inspire LE Limited Edition Wi…

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TKin This pair of headphones is a workout winner because they NEVER fall out. NEVER. I was so tired of messing around with other brands... monster, Motorola (over the ear motoatcv), bose sport, they all needed adjustment as I ran to keep the music going on my runs. (10-14mi a week) Also lifting is a big part of my workout and I appreciate that these stay in place for that as well. I went with this brand and style over the cheaper Yurbuds as they came with multiple sizes of the noise cancellation ear piece (and one regular size). If you need a specific size they did not include, just let them know and they ship one to you. Some say not to use the noise cancellation on the road, but there is still some ambient noise getting in so I prefer these over the regular ear piece they have. Comes with a nice case. The sound is good as they are not built for premium sound. But when they get in your ear in the right place they more than do the job. The cord is a little heavy and long for my taste but it is of premium quality and has a good adjustment levels for iphone/pod etc. I would take a half a star off for the sound quality and cord extra length but lets just put it this way... All my other workout headphones have stayed in the drawer since I have purchased these.

JTCausa I am baffled at everyone writing reviews of yurbuds and saying they have great sound. Sure, compared to stock iPhone buds they have better bass, but that is because of the seal to your ear. The fit is great and they do not fall out, but nothing is crisp and miss, vocals, highs all sound distant and muddy. I hate that they fit so well because I'm having a hard time deciding if this sound is worth 100 bucks. If you care about sound, go elsewhere. If you just want music in an earbud that won't fall out these are for you.

I will say the Kevlar cable makes some rough noise in the earbud when you're running and it rubs your clothing.


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Yurbuds Inspire LE Limited Edition Wi…

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